Chart: Audio Streaming Use by Race Ethnicity

Radio continues to be “the top reach vehicle” for both Black and Hispanic adults, declares Nielsen in a report, noting that among people ages 12 and older, Black and Hispanic consumers make up more than 30% of the national radio audience. The study also reveals that as the audio landscape broadens, Black and Hispanic adults are showing strong interest in newer ways to listen to audio.

Citing a survey it conducted in Q1, Nielsen demonstrates that Black and Hispanic adults are not only more likely than White adults to be using audio streaming services but also to have interest in using or subscribing to one.

Specifically, fully 52% of Black consumers surveyed said they currently use streaming services for music, radio, and podcasts, as did 45% of Hispanic consumers. By comparison, 4 in 10 White consumers reported using such streaming services.

Likewise, whereas roughly 1 in 4 White consumers expressed being very or somewhat interested in using or subscribing to an audio streaming service, that figure jumped to more than one-third of Black (36%) and Hispanic (35%) respondents. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.