Chart: Top Music Discovery Sources

More Americans (13+) discover music by listening to AM/FM radio (49%) than by any other means, says Nielsen in a new report. In fact, more Americans are finding music through various radio sources than did last year, with online sources not surprisingly growing in influence.

This year, almost one-quarter (23%) of survey respondents reported discovering music via AM/FM radio online, up from 19% last year. Some 14% said they found new music through satellite radio, up from 11%.

These are likely reflections of listening trends: AM/FM radio consumption continues to be strong, even as online radio and podcast audiences grow.

Meanwhile, more than one-quarter are discovering music through online services – with that figure likely higher among youth. Social media – which has emerged as a strong source of video content discovery for younger Americans – is a music discovery vehicle for one-quarter of respondents ages 13 and older.

Friends and relatives play a greater role in both music and video discovery – as the inspiration for 4 in 10 respondents to Nielsen’s survey. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.