Internet Radio Advertising Response

Internet radio use is on the rise, reaching 42% of US broadband households, and this has translated to higher effectiveness for advertisers, says TargetSpot [PDF] in a May 2012 study.

58% of listeners surveyed recalled having seen or heard an internet radio ad in the past 30 days, up 11.5% from 52% in the company’s 2011 study. Of those, 44% responded in some way to an ad, up 10% from 40% a year earlier. The most common response, at 20% of all internet radio listeners, was to visit the company’s website (up from 17% in 2011). 17% searched online for more information about the product or service (up from 15%), and 14% clicked on the ad displayed in the internet radio media player or website (up from 13%). 12% also became a fan of the product or service or clicked like on a social networking website, up from 10% in 2011. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.

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